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Many patients are choosing dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Implants replace the tooth root, and are strong enough to restore resilience, strength, stability, and support to the jaw and mouth.

dental implants

The implants are surgically placed to either the lower or upper jaw. After your implant has been attached, Dr. Stephenson will then place an implant restoration, or crown, over the implant. Once this crown is attached, it will feel and look just like your natural teeth. Your smile will be once again restored.

Dental implants are great for patients who:

  • Are missing teeth
  • Have bite problems or joint pain due to teeth shifting
  • Want a natural, healthy smile
  • Want a restored ability to speak, chew, and/or digest
  • Need enhanced facial tissues
  • Have a bridge or denture that needs added support, security, and/or comfort

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