Dental Care

When it comes to dental care, it’s all about the team working with you. The more comfortable you feel, especially with routine procedures, the more you will want to visit. And that’s important, as visiting the dentist more often can help you be proactive about your oral hygiene.

Taking care of your teeth and gums should be part of your daily routine including brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly. Your oral health is a direct result of your lifestyle which means avoiding smoking or chewing tobacco, limiting sugary snacks and sodas, and regularly going to the dentist. Seeing a dentist that you trust and want to return to is important.

A dentist can help patients of all ages keep their teeth and gums healthy with dental education and proactive services like cleanings and X-rays. We here at Rockpoint Dental take our jobs seriously as experts in oral health. While we offer general dentistry services like filling cavities and fitting dentures, we also offer cosmetic services like veneers, Invisalign, and teeth whitening. Taking care of your smile should include preventative practices and life-long maintenance.

General Dentistry

The team at Rockpoint Dental has been trained to offer our patients the best in general dental care. Whether you need restorative treatments, such as bridges or crowns, or preventive services like cleanings and sealants, our well-trained staff can help.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition to general dentistry, Rockpoint Dental is proud to offer the latest in cosmetic dental services. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments from teeth whitening to Invisalign to porcelain crowns. Maintaining a beautiful smile sometimes needs a little help from a qualified dental team.

New Patient Special

New patients who purchase a full exam, X-rays, and cleaning will receive a free teeth whitening session. Come to redeem your special today!


From day one, my phone conversation with Deanna made me feel welcome. When I met Dr Stephenson, I knew I made the right choice. He is kind, sincere, and extremely professional. After an exam he informed me I did not need all of the work my previous dentist had quoted. Yesterday I had my last wisdom tooth taken out. Dr Stephenson and his staff were so understanding of my fears and did an incredible job. Please do not not hesitate coming here. It is beyond exceptional in every way!

- Tracey S.

Pauline C.The staff was warm, friendly, and very helpful! Dr. Chad was his usual friendly cheerful self and of course very thorough!! I always feel like the staff are there just to take care of me. Dr. Stephenson put in a replacement bridge for me over two years ago and I am so impressed at what an improvement it was over my last bridge. I forget it is there because it needs so little extra care.

- Pauline C.

My own dentist had wanted me to have an oral surgeon pull my cracked molar, but it was going to be weeks before I could get in to anyone. I was in a lot of pain. Deanna had my dentist email my x-rays to Dr. Stephenson, who reviewed the x-rays and had me come in within a day or two. He pulled the tooth with no problem. Deanna called the next morning to see how I was doing. They are so kind, compassionate, and professional.”

- Laurie A.