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Composite Fillings

Teeth that have decayed, fractured, or cracked may need a dental filling.

tooth filling

At just one appointment, the compromised portion of your tooth will be removed, and your remaining tooth will be cleaned and filled. At Rockpoint Dental, we offer composite (tooth-colored) fillings that are matched closely to the color of your existing teeth.


Fillings are usually placed in just one appointment. First, Dr. Stephenson will remove all tooth decay and thoroughly clean the rest of your tooth. Teeth that have decay near the tooth’s nerve may require a special medication for your protection. 

Once the decay has been removed, your new tooth filling will be placed, shaped and polished.

At the conclusion of your treatment, Dr. Stephenson will advise you on how to care for your new tooth filling. His instructions will inform you on how to keep up your newly restored dental health and also how to manage any short-term sensitivity. Please call Rockpoint Dental to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Stephenson to receive the restorative treatment your smile needs.

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